Causes and reasons for premature ejaculation

The causes and reasons for male premature ejaculation

Many men are interested in knowing what causes premature ejaculation. Studies show that 1 out of 3 men suffer from this dysfunction. Premature ejaculation affects self-esteem and has a negative impact on sexual relations between partners.

Most men who suffer from this dysfunction do not receive treatment to prevent premature ejaculation. Social pressure, fear or shame make men keep their condition a secret, affecting their mood and making it difficult to develop a full sexual life.

In this article we will analyze the different causes that can explain what premature ejaculation is. Discovering the root of the problem is the key factor to be able to solve it and turn around the sexual life of people affected by this dysfunction.

Why is a man premature?

There are several reasons that can cause premature ejaculation in men. The causes can be both physical and psychological. We must also differentiate between primary premature ejaculation, which accompanies men from their first sexual experiences, and secondary premature ejaculation, which appears suddenly in people who have never suffered from this dysfunction.

  • The first sexual experiences mark

The first sexual experiences can be one of the causes that explain why one should be a premature ejaculator. These first experiences are usually accompanied by poor sexual education.

During adolescence, young people’s first contact with sexuality occurs through masturbation. The lack of knowledge causes adolescents to seek a climax with precipitation, marking their future sexual behavior.

Another factor that can affect first sexual experiences is the relationship that society has established between masturbation and religious sin. This causes adolescents to seek secrecy and accelerate masturbation to avoid being discovered.

  • Stress, anxiety, and lack of self-esteem, other risk factors

These 3 factors are the main psychological causes for the appearance of premature ejaculation among men. The lack of self-esteem causes men to have a terrible fear of not being able to perform in sexual relationships. This panic of suffering from erectile dysfunction can precipitate ejaculation as a defensive response in the brain.

The anxiety and stress of daily life or relationships directly affects sexual performance. This is one of the most common factors in the dysfunctions known as secondary premature ejaculation, which appears in patients who have never had problems related to ejaculation.

Communication with the partner is essential to correct this type of dysfunction, since the sexual partner can suffer the collateral damage of the dysfunction and be affected by a feeling of guilt or a decrease in self-esteem.

  • Sexual dissatisfaction in couples

Sometimes the high expectations not fulfilled in sexual relations can generate a lack of control of ejaculation. The loss of sexual desire can make you seek to end the relationship quickly and diminish the intensity of orgasms.

The massive consumption of pornography can also cause the loss of interest in sexual relations. Professional sex scenes, like any movie or series, belong to the genre of fiction. Men who confuse this fiction with reality lose interest in sex because they cannot meet the expectations generated.

  • Premature Ejaculation

Sometimes episodes of premature ejaculation occur that do not recur in the future. The factors that can trigger these dysfunctions can be multiple, such as when a change of sexual partner occurs. If premature ejaculations are not repeated frequently they are not considered a serious problem. Any man can suffer a punctual premature ejaculation.

  • Physical causes of Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation can be caused by physical reasons. Some premature ejaculators may be affected by a genetic factor that is not related to any previous psychological experience.

Other patients are affected by problems related to blood circulation in the body. Erections in men are produced by the massive influx of blood flow to the penis. The involuntary expulsion of semen prematurely is usually a consequence of poor circulation.

Other men ejaculate prematurely due to extreme sensitivity of some of their erogenous zones. This high sensitivity can produce an impact in the brain that causes the uncontrolled exit of the ejaculation.

Male premature ejaculation can be the consequence of some disease or illness unknown to the patient. Men who suffer from premature ejaculation and do not find a cause to explain their dysfunction should contact their doctor. Blood and urine tests can reveal key information to solve problems related to premature male ejaculation.