MYHIXEL: The definitive solution to male premature ejaculation

control eyaculacion precoz myhixel

What is MYHIXEL?

MYHIXEL is the definitive solution to male premature ejaculation and a revolutionary method in climate control support.
A 100% natural treatment, without the use of drugs, and approved by doctors and experts. The revolution in men’s sex life that will help them feel more confident, happy and satisfied.

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How does MYHIXEL work?

The MYHIXEL Premature Ejaculation Solution method combines a scientific methodology approved by doctors and sexologists that you can perform through the MYHIXEL Play online program. To complete the methodology you will enjoy the MYHIXEL device, designed specifically to help you control your ejaculation.

Some details about this method:

  • Your information will be anonymous and secure.
  • Created by a team of sexologists specialized in male sexual health.
  • SHIPMENTS are made all over the world.
  • 100% NATURAL. No need for a medical prescription.
  • The only treatment you can enjoy.
  • With the support of the MYHIXEL team in case you need it.

Is MYHIXEL approved by Doctors?

The MYHIXEL team of sexologists in collaboration with the “Instituto Sexológico Murciano” and the “Universidad Miguel Hernandez” have turned cognitive behavioral therapy into a technological and innovative method.

The MYHIXEL pleasure device as well as its online exercise program was successfully tested on more than 800 men. The participants managed to multiply by 7 the duration of sexual relations after completing the MYHIXEL method.

All this with a 100% natural method, without the use of drugs, something that the users of the MYHIXEL method greatly appreciate.

What does the Myhixel Method consist of?

The Myhixel Method consists of a combination of the Myhixel device and the guided and personalized exercises provided by the Myhixel App:

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  • With MYHIXEL you will have access to the MYHIXEL Play application that will help you control the physical and mental aspects that take place during the climax.
  • The different activities will be specifically adapted to each user according to their progress.
  • The use of the application as well as your data will be strictly protected in complete confidentiality and anonymously.

The Myhixel device

  • Anatomical design totally adapted.
  • Interior heating system to emulate a more realistic situation.
  • Water resistant and easy to clean.
  • Optional vibration mode.
  • Magnetic charging by USB.

How much does MYHIXEL cost?

In the official MYHIXEL store you will be able to see the price of all its items, from its devices or training units, to the complements that can help you obtain a better experience and maintain your device.

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The purchase of MYHIXEL includes

  • MYHIXEL I device with MYHIXEL Play download instructions (Sleeve included)
  • MYHIXEL I USB Contact Charger
  • MYHIXEL I Instruction Manual
  • Serial number, for activation of the MYHIXEL Play program

Other complements available:

  • Sanitizer
  • Hands-free
  • Replacement anatomical sleeves
  • Lubricant with Phytoplankton

Voices of the specialists working at MYHIXEL

dr jesus rodriguez sexologist

Dr. Jesus E. Rodriguez (Sexologist)
“Two thirds of the patients who participated in our last study have stopped suffering from premature ejaculation”.

borja rodriguez sexologist

Borja Rodríguez (Sexologist)
“Projects like MYHIXEL are always welcome in the field of sexology.”

dr eduard garcia sexologist

Dr. Eduard Garcia (Urologist)
“MYHIXEL is a fundamental part of the treatment of premature ejaculation.”

The Press has a say in MYHIXEL


“People Are Using Self-Isolation To Try Out New Sex Toys”

El Confidencial

“A male masturbator invented by a 35-year-old Spanish woman that will now be sold in the United States.”

El Español

“The invention of the Sevillian Patricia to tackle the sexual problem suffered by 31% of men”.

Men’s Health

“MYHIXEL is a revolutionary device that combines an advanced pleasure device with an app.

Congresses where the MYHIXEL Method has been presented

  • 20th World Meeting on Sexual Medicine in China
  • X International and XV National Congress of Clinical Psychology Spain
  • 21st World Meeting on Sexual Medicine in Lisbon
  • National Congress of Sexology in Spain
  • 19th Annual Fall Scientific Meeting of Sexual Medicine Society of North America, Inc.

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