Natural solutions for premature ejaculation

Natural Remedies to Prevent Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is a much more common problem in men’s sex lives than you might think. It occurs when a man ejaculates earlier than desired during a couple’s sexual relationship.

There is no valid diagnosis for every patient. The different studies have shown results that point to both psychological and biological causes. Premature ejaculation can affect the mood and self-esteem of people who suffer from this problem.

In this article we want to help all those people by providing some treatment for natural premature ejaculation that will manage to end this problem and allow them to enjoy their sexuality to the fullest.

Possible causes of premature ejaculation

Studies on premature ejaculation point in various directions to try to explain this phenomenon. Although there is a clear personal factor that makes each case different, we can find similarities among a large number of patients.

“Studies show that 1 in 3 men suffer from premature ejaculation occasionally.”

One of the causes of premature ejaculation is related to erectile dysfunction. The difficulty in maintaining prolonged erections can generate a pattern of behavior by which the patient rushes to ejaculate before losing the erection.

Another cause may be stress or anxiety, both in the sexual or couple field and in the general mood. An episode of premature ejaculation can cause anxiety that ends up marking future sexual relations due to autosuggestion.

Relationship problems are also a key factor in some cases of premature ejaculation. An episode of premature ejaculation can occur during a change of partner. The relationship with the regular partner and their different states can also affect sexual performance.

Are there then natural solutions for Premature Ejaculation?

Fortunately, as with most problems, there are natural remedies for delaying ejaculation. It must be taken into account that most cases are related to autosuggestion and fear generated by traditional social patterns.

People who suffer from premature ejaculation should be aware that their problem is more normal than they think and that there are natural solutions to reverse this situation. With the right mood, the body receives these remedies better and the problem is ended more quickly.

Take note of the following natural remedies for Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is a problem that has accompanied man throughout his history. However, studies and new technologies have designed natural remedies that can effectively end this situation.

1. The MYHYXEL Method

The device that has revolutionized treatments for male premature ejaculation and is helping thousands of patients worldwide is called MYHIXEL.

MYHIXEL has replaced the traumatic approach of traditional methods with a device that allows control of ejaculation while enjoying sex.

This strategy is the same one used in women to improve their sexual health through devices such as massagers, Kegel balls or menstrual cups. The MYHIXEL device is the first male pleasure device with a therapeutic purpose.

Thanks to the work of an expert team of sexologists and engineers, the Spanish company MYHIXEL has managed to improve sexual performance and male ejaculatory control through a combination of its device and the training programs of its MYHIXEL Play application.

2. Healthy habits: Fundamental

It is well known that in order to improve any health-related problem, it is necessary to implement healthy habits in daily life, including a balanced diet, regular physical exercise and adequate hours of daily rest.

There are also a series of exercises to avoid premature ejaculation that you can put into practice on your own or within a guided behavioral therapy and that you can practice alone or with the help of your partner.

Nature is intelligent and provides us with the necessary elements to repair our body and mind. This is the case of some herbs that, ingested through infusions, can help reduce the effects of premature ejaculation and improve sexual performance.

3. Some Herbs and Infusions that can help you

Eastern cultures have been using natural herbs to enhance sexual performance for centuries. The sexual health of Eastern populations is much higher than in the West. Some infusions serve to reduce stress levels in the body and help us control ejaculations during sex.

  • One of these elements is the Clove of Smell, which taken in an infusion before sexual intercourse can help control ejaculation thanks to its anesthetic effects. The same occurs with Ginkgo Biloba, which increases the arrival of blood to the muscles and allows for longer erections.
  • Passion Flower is another great ally against premature ejaculation. It helps to reduce stress levels in the body and increases the levels of serotonin, a hormone in charge of providing us with the necessary sensation of pleasure to enjoy sexual relations.
  • Ashwagandha, also known as Indian Ginseng, is a great aphrodisiac used to treat premature ejaculation problems and improve sexual performance through powerful and prolonged erections.