What is primary premature ejaculation?

Primary Premature Ejaculation

One in three men are affected by the problem of premature ejaculation. One of the variants of this sexual dysfunction is primary premature ejaculation. This dysfunction can lead to a chronic problem that affects both the patient and his partner.

The inability to control ejaculation from the first sexual experience is a very frequent pathology and must be treated as soon as possible (Premature Ejaculation Treatments enter image description here) to avoid it from becoming a lifelong problem.

Primary premature ejaculation affects the mental state of the patient and his partner. Despite being a dysfunction suffered by a large part of the population, few people receive adequate treatment.

This pathology must be faced without shame and with a partner, since its consequences affect both the patient and his partner, conditioning their self-esteem and sexual desire. There are several causes that can provoke primary ejaculation.

The causes of primary premature ejaculation

  • One of the main causes of this dysfunction is what is known as abnormal learning. It is related to the first sexual experiences in solitude, in which masturbation is accelerated to reach orgasm as quickly as possible.
  • Among the psychological aspects, the feeling of guilt related to masturbation is contemplated when relating it to religious sin. The first masturbations are usually practiced in a clandestine way and are accelerated to avoid being discovered, as if it was a criminal act.
  • Ignorance of the sexual act can also cause premature ejaculation. The consumption of pornography can confuse people who are initiated into sex by making them think that what happens in fiction resembles reality.
  • Another cause of this type of condition is anxiety. The teenage years mark the personality of the adults of the future. Social pressure and archetypes can damage young people’s self-esteem and condition their sexual performance for life.

Is there treatment for primary premature ejaculation?

Thousands of people are looking for some remedy to correct primary premature ejaculation treatment. Healthy living habits can be the launching pad for turning around the sexual life of patients.

1. A healthy lifestyle

Regular physical exercise, a balanced diet and intense and restorative rest can help to recover from the dysfunctions acquired during the first sexual experiences.

In addition to these healthy habits, there are a series of exercises that can help solve the problem of premature ejaculation.

2. Kegel Exercises

Kegel exercises are focused on strengthening the pubococcygeal muscle. This muscle is what allows us to cut off the flow of urine at will. It is located at the junction between the scrotal pouch and the anus and is easily located by squeezing this area while sitting on a chair.

Exercising the pubococcygeal muscle regularly has a very positive effect on male sexual performance. By learning to control this muscle, more powerful and lasting erections are achieved, solving the problem of primary ejaculation.

By taking control of the erections, the ejaculatory flow can also be controlled at will, managing arousal and combining orgasms with those of the partner.