Psychological treatment for premature ejaculation

Is Premature Ejaculation a psychological problem?

A high percentage of the cases studied in men suffering from premature ejaculation dysfunction are related to psychology. After making the pertinent visit to the family doctor and ruling out any kind of physiological illness, it can be determined that premature ejaculation is a psychological problem.

Many factors can influence the psychology of premature ejaculation. Some are related to the first sexual experiences, such as the case of primary premature ejaculation, others respond to periods of high stress and anxiety. There are other cases in which premature ejaculation is caused by a specific event.

Whatever the trigger, psychological premature ejaculation is a dysfunction that can be reversed with proper treatment. The patient should put himself in the hands of a professional to analyze his case and design the therapy that best fits his profile.

Psychological treatment for premature ejaculation

There are several methods aimed at correcting the dysfunction in patients in whom premature ejaculation is a psychological issue. One of them is the technique of sensory focusing, in which the patient works with the collaboration of his sexual partner.

This technique is aimed at abandoning the demands of the sexual act in order to focus on the rapprochement between the couple. It is about concentrating on the present moment and enjoying the sensations of mutual pleasure without following the established rules of the sexual acts.

The patients, on having been liberated from the pressure that supposes the fulfillment of a pre-established sexual act, relax and manage to abandon the anxiety and to be centered in enjoying the relations.

How is premature ejaculation treated in psychology?

Premature ejaculation is a reflection of the self-control capacity of individuals. Many of the patients who come to ejaculation control therapies are unable to control their feelings in other areas of their daily activity.

One of the most appropriate psychological treatments for this type of profile is respiratory self-control techniques. In this field, techniques such as yoga or its multiple derivatives can be included.

From the control of the breathing one can recognize the increases of excitement before the orgasm and use the necessary methods to delay the ejaculation. These techniques are very valuable for learning to control feelings in all everyday situations.

Normalizing the situation is the first step

Most men who suffer from problems related to the inability to control ejaculation do not receive treatment. Fear and shame are the biggest barriers to solving this dysfunction.

“Premature ejaculation is the most frequent sexual dysfunction, affecting 16-23% of men. In the NHSLS study, conducted in the United States, the prevalence increased from 30%, between 18 and 29 years of age, to 55%, in men between 50 and 59 years of age”.

When we have a problem of any kind, we can choose to hide it or communicate with someone to help us. By hiding our concerns we tend to increase the severity of the situation through self-suggestion until it becomes a chronic trauma.

The simple act of communicating what is happening to us to our partner or to the specialized professionals means an incalculable reduction of stress. Once we manage to release that anxiety we are ready to start the path that will lead us to give a solution to the problem.

Natural treatments to delay ejaculation

Together with psychological therapy or the development of prevention and treatment exercises to combat the dysfunction, it is convenient to lead a healthy life and can always be complemented with some natural treatments for premature ejaculation away from chemicals and medications that can be beneficial in solving the problem.